Shaw L Ketels, PhD

instruction, curriculum development, assessment, evaluation, & research

Educational Assessment & Evaluation

With a set of goals for any training, coaching, or educational program, I will implement a customized & sustainable program of assessment & evaluation.

Curriculum Development

I design 21st century curricula, tailored to learning goals, alongside subject matter experts.


With over a decade of experience, I have developed and instructed several STEM courses at multiple institutions, at secondary and postsecondary levels.


I conduct original cognitive science and education research. Current topics of focus include automated educational evaluation, the impact of educational technologies, learning, memory, and cognition.

educational evaluation and assessment

I'm currently the director of assessment and evaluation in the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I have evaluation & assessment consulting experience in K-12, postsecondary education, and military training contexts. "Assessment" refers to the collection of outcome data, whereas "evaluation" refers to the analysis of that data. I can help implement assessment as necessary, or evaluate existing assessment data.

Curriculum development

I design curricula to meet learning goals, from the classroom to the boardroom. My subject matter expertise is primarily in psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science. Even in these fields however, it's best to collaborate with other subject matter experts so that I can focus on internal and external course structure, appropriate educational technologies, and the implementation of research-based best practice in education, based on specific training needs.


I conduct cognitive science research with a focus on STEM education and cognitive psychology. I have a PhD in Cognitive Science & Cognitive Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I do cognitive psychology research in the areas of learning, memory, categorization, and cognition. I now focus primarily on classroom education and other training research. I am currently primarily interested in the automated evaluation of educational outcomes beyond grades and test performance.



At the college level, I've primarily taught psychology courses, including Advanced Cognitive Psychology, Introduction to Cognitive Psychology, Introduction to Social Psychology, and General Psychology. I've also taught a diverse set of math and science topics at the high school level, as well as math for middle schoolers.